China AR glasses industry market in-depth analysis and investment strategy consulting report

AR glasses are a type of augmented reality technology glasses that can superimpose virtual images on real scenes, allowing users to see a mixture of virtual reality and the real world. The upstream of the AR glasses industry chain mainly consists of cameras (sensors), optical modules (microdisplays, optical solutions), CPU processing centers (chips, sensory interaction, etc.), frames, etc. The midstream includes AR glasses content manufacturers and complete equipment manufacturers. AR glasses can be used in various applications such as gaming, education, medical care, manufacturing, etc. Its main advantage is that it can provide a more immersive user experience and higher efficiency, while also helping users better understand and master complex information and skills.

5G technology promotes the popularity of wearable devices and increasingly becomes one of the entertainment methods for young people. Data shows that global VR/AR headset shipments reached 11.46 million units in 2021, which is equivalent to three times that before the popularization of 5G technology (2018). In 2022, the global macroeconomic downturn suppressed the consumption of non-necessities and durable goods, and VR/AR headset shipments dropped slightly to 10.59 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 7.6%. According to statistics, the global AR glasses market shipments in 2021 were around 570,000 units. With the implementation of VR/AR multi-scenario applications and industry development goals focusing on application and promotion, shipments are expected to exceed one million units in 2023.

With the advent of the 5G era and the continuous development of Internet technology combined with the digital process, in a modern era where technology is increasingly innovative, AR smart wearable devices have been transformed from conceptualization to commercialization. With the launch of new 5G-integrated AR smart glasses products in 2021, more and more technology companies are looking for market guidance and market demand in the exploration journey of combining dual technologies in this new field, and doing their best to cater to market demand. And design and produce new products and work hard for them. In terms of market share, according to IDC data, the top five global AR glasses shipments in 2022 are Nreal, Microsoft, Rokid, TCL (Rayneo) and Epson. The total market share is approximately 76.3%, of which Nreal has a market share of 36.3%, ranking the first.
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Post time: Jan-04-2024