Don’t throw away old glasses cases

Used glasses cases are common discarded items in many households. Not only are these eyeglass cases beautiful, but they are also very high quality and soft to touch inside. In fact, these old glasses cases have many uses. For example, they can be easily transformed into useful items such as storage boxes, jewelry storage boxes, or charging boxes.

A. Storage box

We just need to prepare some double-sided tape and magnets, stick the tape on the inside of the glasses case, and then place the magnet on the double-sided tape. In this way, we can attach some small items such as needles, nails, etc. to the magnets, and place some thumbtacks, trinkets, etc. on the sponge of the glasses case. After the transformation is completed, this old glasses case becomes a practical storage box that can conveniently store various small items.


B. Jewelry box

This requires us to prepare a scouring pad or sponge the same width as the glasses case and stick it inside the glasses case. We can then place jewelry such as rings and earrings on a scouring pad or sponge to avoid collisions between jewelry and keep them shiny and intact.


C. Mobile phone holder

If you don’t have a phone holder at home, you can use a glasses case instead. Put the phone in the glasses case and you will find that it is very stable and will not shake no matter how you turn the phone. Not only is this very practical, but it also saves you the cost of buying a phone holder.


D. Shoulder bag

Attach a beautiful string to the glasses case and it becomes a simple shoulder bag. You can put the tools you need to use or small toys for your children and then close the box. Then, hang the rope on a hook on the wall, which is very convenient without taking up too much space and improving the beauty of the room. If you are going out, this glasses case can also be used as a small shoulder bag.


Post time: Jan-23-2024