Eyewear Industry Future in China

Along with the Internet technology development and improvement of living standards, eyewear already became the leading industry in our country. According to investigation, people wearing glasses count for nearly 30% of total population, namely 360 millions. Demand of eyewear each year reaches 120 millions, nearly 30 billions industry gross. Amongst, myopia population of youth is increasing, which already caused great attention from society.

Based on National Students Health Investigation, among 20 million students, myopia rate of primary school students is 31.67%, 58.07% for junior school students, 76.02% for senior high school students and 82.68% for college students. This is not a good phenomenon of course. However it is profitable from the market view. Because the glasses are easy to broke, so many models can be changed regularly.

The terminal enterprise of eyewear sales is eyewear store, of which the function is about to change to be more professional and simple. Additionally, to start e-commerce business can help operate more flexible, highlight products and lower the cost, which upgrades the transaction mode.

Anyway, more and more people are surfing on Internet. Online shopping becomes very popular. Consumers can save time to choose the product they really want. 

Post time: Sep-20-2022