Glasses cloth is only to wipe the lenses? Most people misunderstand it.

It is very familiar that people wearing glasses wipe their lenses with cleaning cloth. When we receive the glasses, a piece of cleaning cloth is put inside the case as well. People think this cloth is to wipe off the dust on the lens surface. However, I have to tell you that the cloth cannot be used directly to clean the glasses.

Most people think the cloth is just for wiping the glasses. It can protect eyeglasses as well, to avoid collision inside the glasses case. They are not just transparent lenses. The surface attaches many transparent layers of films. Some films can reduce the light reflection. Some help the lenses become more wear-resistant and others are anti water and dust. No matter what kind of film is, it is delicate. Using coarse optical cloth will damage the film and influence its legibility.

Most eyeglasses cloths are not soft enough and dust and tiny particles will easily stay on the cloth and lens surface. If wiping by cloth directly, it equals using small particles to grind the lenses.

Most lenses dirt or oil comes from grease on our eyelash, face cutin, fine gravel from the air and dandruff etc. Especially gravels, although they look very tiny, it is hard to lenses and films. Drily wiping the glasses will cause more harm.

How to clean the glasses in daily life? The easiest and common way is to clean the glasses by water. The correct procedure is as follows:

Fold the eyewear frames and wash dirt of each part by small water stream, especially the frame corner, where the dirt easily hides. Spray the cleaning liquid (better neutral agent) on the both sides of lenses evenly. Use soft cloth to dry the liquid and then put into the glasses case for better keeping.

To pay more attention, do not wash in hot water. Because when the film on the lens touches the hot water (temperature about 40-60°C), it may be totally damaged. We do not suggest exposing the glasses under very shiny sunlight. When absorbing water by cloth, do not rub back-and-forth hard; otherwise it will cause horizontal or vertical scrape.


Post time: Nov-02-2022