LOFT Eyewear Shows are the premier independent luxury eyewear events held annually in New York City, Las Vegas and now San Francisco. Since 2000, the LOFT events have showcased the most exclusive and cutting edge designers from around the world.

We are a group of like-minded, independent designers who share a passion for creating great looking, sometimes funky, sometimes classic eyewear for the discerning consumer. We believe that our frames should be styled and fitted by independent eyewear retailers who are experts in tailoring our eyewear to the prescription and facial needs of the end user.

Our different approaches to design only strengthen our common vision to enhance eyewear styling but also, most importantly, to have fun. Our independent collections originate in the US, France, UK, Italy, Denmark, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

A gathering place of like minded eyewear enthusiasts. Brands ranging from Kirk & Kirk, Anne Et Valentin, Blake Kuwahara, Salt and then some allows you to spend an afternoon under one roof seeing several brands and participating in a brain trust of ideas and experiences. You can even take a break to take in the views from the rooftop and exhale before hitting the show floor.

The Loft is a fantastic concept that marries the best luxury retailers and independent brands. It is an environment that fosters networking and creativity within the luxury eyewear community. I always look forward to seeing the new designs from these unique and innovative designers.

The Loft is the perfect venue… all the high end vendors in the same place, great atmosphere and you see all your peers in one location. You can sit and have lunch and catch up with like minded colleagues from across the country… a much more intimate feeling for sure.

“…to me it seems logical to explore a different path to everyone else”

Post time: Nov-01-2020