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I. Overview of the Eyewear Industry: Vision Correction and Eye Protection: The Eyewear Industry Is Timeless

In terms of its main purpose, glasses are optical devices used to correct vision, protect eyes, or for decoration. They are mainly composed of lenses and frames. Lenses are the core carrier of the functional attributes of glasses, used to achieve vision correction and eye protection functions. Frames are usually composed of frames, rims, lenses, center bridges, temples, and nose pads. Their core functions are matched with lenses to form glasses, which are worn on the face to act as a support.

Judging from the current development status of the glasses industry, there are mainly three driving factors:

1. The number of myopia among teenagers remains high and has become an important social problem

With the popularization of the Internet, the proportion of myopia in our country has gradually increased, especially among teenagers, whose myopia rate remains high. The problem of myopia among teenagers has become an urgent social problem that needs to be solved. Paying attention to the eye health of teenagers is an 'issue' that parents, schools and society need to pay sufficient attention to, and requires close contact and cooperation among the three parties.

2. Working professionals who are often “accompanied” by electronic products are also troubled by eye health

On the one hand, working people aged 30-60 have become the main force among patients with dry eye syndrome. On the other hand, more than 25% of working people face computer screens for more than 8 hours a day at work, and more than 60% of working people say they will continue to watch computers, mobile phones and other electronic screens after get off work. Visual fatigue caused by excessive eye use is The main cause of blurred vision and vision loss in the workplace.

3. The number of middle-aged and elderly Internet users is increasing year by year, and eye health problems continue to be magnified

The eye health problems of middle-aged and elderly people, such as cataracts, myopia, and presbyopia, are constantly being amplified by more and more apps. The eye health of the elderly is also a hot issue in the market. Meeting the glasses needs of presbyopic people is one of the important future development areas of the glasses industry.

II. Analysis of the glasses industry chain: from raw material supply to product manufacturing to diversified sales, involving many links

Upstream manufacturers: It mainly provides resin, glass, plastic, molds, optical additives and other lens production raw materials and production equipment to midstream manufacturers. In addition, it also provides fitting equipment to downstream retailers.

Midstream lens manufacturer: In addition to processing and producing finished lenses and customized laboratory lenses, also undertake R&D and design work in materials, film layers, process technology, optical performance, etc. And provide sales discounts, professional equipment, processing, after-sales, salesperson and optometrist professional training and other support for downstream sales channels.

Downstream retailers: To directly face end consumers, it is necessary to equip the store with professional equipment and professional optometrists to provide consumers with professional services such as optometry, glasses, lens frame assembly, and try-on experience.

III. Development characteristics of the glasses industry: Demand side: Increasingly diversified /Supply side: Brand power becomes the focus

1. The demand for functional glasses has increased significantly, and different types of functional glasses can meet the diversified needs of consumers.

2. Manufacturers and retailers have stepped up their efforts in brand building and conveyed brand power to consumers in various ways.

3. Offline retail stores 'new store formats' win conversions and 'new business formats' expand growth.

4. The online channel participation platform is diversified, and multiple ways are used to attract consumers to the store to purchase glasses.



Post time: Mar-18-2024