Magic eyeglass cloth, prevent lens fogging for whole day

Have fog on your glasses when wearing mask? One cloth can prevent all these troubles.

People wearing glasses all have the same problem – fog on lenses

  1. Breathe when wearing the mask, warmth vapor makes lenses unclear. Not only blocking the sight, the fog sometimes will have virus or dust affiliated on the lens.
  2. Have hot pot, drink hot water or enter into warm room, fog will certainly form on the lens.
  3. To people wearing glasses, fog is only a trouble, but to drivers, fogging on the car window and rear-view mirror will cause car accident.

A lot of methods are used, like smearing soap water or glycerol, still have no effect at all.



This reusable microfiber anti fog cloth is only 14*15cm, same as common eyeglass cloth, which is easily carried in the pocket or bag.

After wiping the lens, the anti fog effect lasts 1 day. 1 cloth can be reused about 200-300 times.

Some people are curious why a piece of cloth can prevent the fog. Before that, let’s talk about the fog forming principle.

The fog is small water bead formed on the lens because of condensation under the low temperature, which means if the temperature of vapor is higher than the temperature on the lens, the lens will have the fog.

Our reusable anti fog cloth injects special anti fog portion into the cloth. During wiping, the anti fog portion could form a transparent layer on the lens, which absorb the vapor to prevent fogging.

Our reusable anti fog cloth uses microfiber material, which contains 80% polyester and 20% nylon. Feel soft, and comfortable on the skin, durable and not easily flocculus dropping.

The key point is that the anti fog portion is mild and non-irritating, also without poisonous chemical elements, which could touch the skin directly without any harm.

Post time: Jan-28-2021