CoSee Anti Fog Glasses Lens Cleaner Liquid Solution Defogger Spray for Eyeglasses

Short Description:

  1. Volume: 30ml
  2. Anti fog effect: about 6-12 hours
  3. Logo customization: use sticker or print directly on PET bottle
  4. Price: $0.9-$1.5/bottle
  5. MOQ: Logo sticker – 100pcs / direct print – 1000pcs

Product Detail

Product Tags

Products Description:


PET bottle


30ml/1oz, also can be 10ml, 20ml, 60ml, 100ml, 120ml etc.


Glasses, computer screen, mobile screen, mirror etc. cleaning


1. Anti fog

2. Dustless workshop production

3. Prevent fog from lenses

4. No water mark

Anti fog level

Prevent the fog for the whole day


25 bottles in a paper box, 12 paper boxes in a carton, 300 bottles in a carton (standard export carton)

Analysis of Anti-fog Principle: 

Mirror repels water droplets. Water droplets cannot be extended.

The anti-fog liquid adheres tightly to the lens surface after application.

Anti-fogging agent and water droplet fusion. Reduce water droplet surface tension.

Formation of ultra-thin water film. Eliminate water drop refraction more clearly.

Co-See Liquid Anti Fog Spray for Glasses and Cars:

Anti fog is ideal for any surface and lens type from goggles to glasses or custom made protection. As soon as being applied, it will leave a thin film of defense, stopping condensation from fogging up the lenses. Co-See Anti-fog Spray is also an anti-bacterial spray that eliminates stains and preserves a clean surface.
• Prevent misting and fogging
• Anti bacterial
• Protect lenses and glasses
• Safe for practically all types of eyewear

Support for Customization:

Lens Spray Production Process:

1.Customizable logo

2.Customizable colors

3.Customizable size

4.Customizable shapes

5.Customizable layout

6.Customizable materials

1.Bottle production – fill liquid

2.Adhesive labels



Wuxi Co-See Packing Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of lens cloth, lens cleaning spray and other eyeglasses accessories supplier in China. We can provide one-stop service for any optical needs. We are serving for many optical stores and optometry centers for many years. More than 10 years’ experiences in this field and FDA, ISO etc. certificated qualification and extreme standard.

Let us keep very competitive in the current market. If you are interested in our products, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


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