Ready to Ship Microfiber Suede Anti Fog Glasses Wiping Cloth for Optical Glasses Sunglasses

Short Description:

  • Unit price: S0.36-S0. 54/ pcs
  • Reusable about 300 times
  • Anti fog effect 8-24 hours
  • Ready to ship, plenty of stock

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Model number: AFC01

Anti-fog effect: 8-24 hours

Using times: reusable for about 300 times

Brand name: accept logo customization

Cloth size: 135*145mm

Cloth color: cream or gray

Cloth edge: zigzag

Zip-lock bag size: 88*134mm

Weight: About 9.1g/pcs

Application: Anti fog and lens cleaning

MOQ: 1pcs without customization / 2,000pcs for embossed logo on  cloth / 5,000pcs for package customization

Application Sites:





Hot pot

Wearing face mask


Suitable Lenses:

Resin lens, coated lens, sports glasses lens, organic glasses, inorganic glasses, optical glasses, bathroom mirror, helmet and other transparent and plastic glasses lenses

Notes: not suitable to those with good hydrophobic and lipophobic coatings


Portion Ingredients:

Organic polymer and active titanium dioxide (made of green and environmentally friendly materials, harmless to human body, glasses and resin lenses etc.)

Antifogging Principle:

The fiberglass fiber filament contains special molecules, which are able to prevent condensation on the lens moisture, no longer troubled by fog.

Antifogging Principle:

1.Clean lens at first for a better outcome and performance

2.Wipe each lens for 10 seconds evenly

3.Store cloth in the zip-lock bag provided and to be sealed

4.If needed, repeat steps 1 and 2

5.Please do not wash. If too dry, you can spray a little water.

This anti-fog cloth contains hi-tech nano material and ingredients. The product nature is stable and has good anti-fog effect. It can be used to wipe each kind of lens, mobile phone and computer screen. After wiping, it could prevent the fog forming on the lens or screen. Also, it can prevent fog when you wear the face mask and go outside in the winter. This product is safe and harmless to your health, causing no scratch or harm to surface of glasses, explosion-proof membrane, resin, rubber etc.. Meanwhile it has multi functions such as anti fogging, cleaning, dust proof, static free.

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