Organizer Sunglass Rack Wall Mounted Lockable Eye Glasses Display Rods Aluminum Eyewear Stand

Short Description:

  1. Style: Round or flat racks with lock
  2. Hold 12pcs, 14pcs, 16pcs and 18pcs optical frames/sunglasses
  3. Width between bridges: 2.5cm

Product Detail

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Product Wall mounted sunglasses/eyeglasses display rod with lock
Material Aluminum
Color Silver
Application Mounted on the wall easily, suits for optical frames, reading glasses, sunglasses
Freight By air, by railway, by sea
Lead Time About 5-7 working days
Feature Easily installed
Specification Can hold 12pcs, 14pcs, 16pcs or 18pcs sunglasses/optical frames
Packing Quantity 10 racks in a master carton


1. Manufactured in aluminum alloy, flashes of Outlook
2. Anti - thief Lock
3. More safety Airbag, so the glasses do not jump suddenly after opening the lock, the door will open and climb slowly
4. Covered rubber on each holding line for anti-slip

B-16 wall mounted sunglass display rack
C-16 sunglasses rack

1. Made of aluminum alloy, shiny look, will not rust, strong metallic texture, can give an upscale look.

2. On the top joined the buffer balloon, slow rising velocity. Let glasses no longer roguishly jumped out of the display rod.

3. Gently press can be locked, anti-theft, simple, convenient and safe

4. Rubber covered at every temple hold position, for anti slip.

5. Type A - round / Type B and C - flat

6. We use honeycomb box to take a good protection of goods.


Product Description

1. high quality aluminum exhibitors;

     thick aluminum round bars;

     Lockable & Unlockable;

     convenient wall mounted installation;

2.  many different sizes to take sunglasses / eyeglasses:

     12pcs - Height 110cm / 7cm

     Package: 115cm x 23cm x 21cm, 16 kgs,  10pcs each carton

     14pcs - Height 125cm / 7cm

     Package: 129cm x 23cm x 21cm, 18 kgs, 10pcs each carton

    16pcs - Height 140cm / 7cm

     Package: 145cm x 23cm x 21cm, 19.5 kgs, 10pcs each carton

    18pcs - Height 155cm / 7cm

     Package: 175cm x 23cm x 21cm, 21 kgs, 10pcs each carton

3.  minimum order quantity = 10pcs = 1 carton

4.  fast delivery time, professional package and service

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