Factory One-off OEM Disposable Anti Fog Optical Glasses Cleaning Lens Wet Wiping Paper Tissue

Short Description:

Material: Non woven, high strength paper
Size: 7.7*12cm
MOQ: 1pcs if no customization; 50000pcs for customization
Advantage: prevent fog forming on glasses lens
Function: Effect lasts about 2-3 days

Product Detail

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Products details:

Anti fogging: Effectively prevent lens from condensation of fog mist

Security: Soft texture does not damage the lens

Remove dust: Nano technology easily decontamination

Portable: Independent packaging, easy to carry

Product advantages:

Bad habits of damaging lenses:

1.The coarse fiber particles of cloths cause damage to the lens and cannot be wiped clean
2.The paper towel cannot wipe the fingerprints, oil stains and leave a lot of dust and other stains.
3.Many fabrics are made of fiber, which will rub strongly with the lens and damage the lens surface.

Our anti fogging:

1.Easy antifogging with one wipe
2.High quality optical paper protects lens surface – flexible, no crumbs, delicate and comfortable
3.Anti fog effect test – contain anti fogging factor to get rid of lens fogging embarrassment
4.Remove dust and oil – The clean formula can effectively remove the oil stains and dust on the lens and mobile phone, and keep the lens clean
5.Clean all parts of glasses – It can wipe the bacteria and fingerprints on the lens, frame, nose bracket and glasses legs

High efficiency and many uses

1.Wide range of applicable products, no trace left, safe and worry free
2.A light wipe, clear vision, quick drying, no trace, clean and transparent
3.Easily wipe off stains without damaging the coating
4.It’s very important to keep the screen clean. Wipe gently, the screen will become clean and bright.

Independent packaging makes cleaning more convenient.

Single piece compact package, easy to carry and use


Usage methods:

1.Tear off the packaging and take out the wipes
2.Gently wipe the lens in the same direction until the lens surface is clean.
3.Do not wash with water or wipe with other wipes

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